Since 1965, that mix has driven our success.

Whether you produce zinc or aluminum castings for
the automotive or hardware industries, or coatings
for the steel or plating industries, Ritchey Metals
offers competitive pricing on standard and
customized zinc or aluminum alloys.

Just as important, we offer pricing options
to fit any customer need — from daily
spot pricing, to month-to-date average,
all the way to multi-year, forward-contract
pricing. Our outstanding zinc and aluminum
scrap recovery processes can save your
company significantly on your metal costs.

We deliver to customers throughout the
United States…and beyond. We are happy to
discuss delivering to your door, wherever you
are within or outside the United States.

Our product line is extensive and includes:

  • Zamak alloys including #2, #3, #5 and #7
  • ZA alloys including ZA-8, ZA-12 and ZA-27
  • Zinc/Aluminum brighteners
  • High copper alloys Kirksite, Beric and Accuzinc #5
  • Slush Casting, Rubbermold, and Spin Casting alloys
  • Aluminum casting alloys
  • Aluminum silicon hardeners
  • Zinc anodes (balls and shapes)
  • Tin anodes and shapes
  • Custom products for the plating and brass industries
  • And more!
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