Our team of skilled employees—including many with 20 or more years of
service—continues to meet that challenge. We have learned what it takes to
win and retain satisfied customers. Success requires not only holding fast to
rigid quality standards, but also remaining flexible enough to adapt in an ever-
changing marketplace.

Throughout our history, we have molded our services and products to deliver that
flexibility. Today, our line includes not only custom alloys, but also a wide range of
custom shapes and sizes to match any specification you need.

When customers demand quality, value and service, we're in our element. That's why
Ritchey Metals has become one of the largest metal alloyers in the eastern United States.

Although we pride ourselves on a low turnover rate, Ritchey Metals occasionally does have a position open up for someone of the right fit to join our team. Please contact our HR Manager for information on current openings.

Mission Statement
Ritchey Metals is a family-oriented company providing excellence in quality and service while caring for the needs of our customers, employees and their families. Our product will always meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements for alloy chemistry, appearance, uniformity and delivery at a competitive price. The employees of Ritchey Metals Company are our greatest asset. Together we will work to maintain growth and secure Ritchey Metals' place as a leader in our industry.